About this blog

In this really busy place we live in, I feel we lack the emotional supplement. We share personal content but we don’t share our love, hate or any other very significant feelings. We are scared that people might judge us. Previously, people could share stuff with their parents or well-wishers happily and seek suggestions, but as we are modernizing our well-wishers are also expecting a lot from us in this extremely yet manageable competitive world. Some make out of it and let go their stagnant feelings, while some don’t. I feel it is important for people to speak out in one way or the other.  This blog is for people who are willing to share their true feelings and let it out, this is to relieve the stagnant burden or the gruesome lonely feeling or the underdog feeling, in one way. I shall share my experiences or ideas which I feel will probably suit the blog. Interested people who want to have their stuff posted can mention the same in comments of any post. Finally, COALM stands for something really important and relatable to the content posted here.

Hope this runs well.


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