Everyone has one healthy ton of things they love, they know it or not, it makes them uneasy to lose their love and surely even when not bound to them. One such love of mine is Mathematics, surely single sided.

Relationships are hard, you need to shower young love and this science of everthing has a knack at demanding all that is wanted. I wouldn’t say the auspicious first time was facinating and looked like it was meant to be life, but I would say it made me curious and made me long for its patterns and curves. The silly digits at first and all the shapes that followed. I accept it is fear but not until we realize the objective is not calculating or simplifying equations but studying, understanding and relating various complex things in the form of patterns and controllable units i.e. our numerical digits, in many various systems we have created.

As ancient and as much unknown it might be, it is this beauty that will guide all that is there. One big boon the nature has provided, linking observation to taking birth in the human mind, understanding and taking shape in the human world,  giving us the power to create and understand the nuances of any science and their studies, it has come a long way to amaze us to this day. As subtle it might seem most of the time, it is one unique study that is the same everywhere, as creators it is upto us to do changes unlike the other sciences where things happen with laws that are not in our control. All the diversity in the study is just the different forms of the science that lead to the same point.

Even though it is simple and complex at the same time and gains the diversity through perspective, slipping it out of hand, for me it is that one crush I will always revere and would accept any day in my life.



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