#1: Mother ; Love

I guess this is a good enough topic for a start.

From our childhood we have always admired our mother, her innocence and her nature. People might argue having ignorant mothers or mothers who treated them really harshly in the name of love and caring. But for the good or the bad it is all over, we cannot expect how things go on. Maybe your mother was having a really rough time, be whatever the reason. She has always loved you and made a lot of sacrifices for the sake of the family, you were probably involved in those sacrifices too. As life is all messy until you are really confident of what is happening, what you should do and the consequences of your decisions, people tend to make mistakes or are forced to make mistakes, some of which are really tough to correct or cannot be corrected. So forgiveness and love are our only picks.

From when I was a kid I always thought of easing my mother’s household chores, like any one else. I used to dream of houses that clean themselves and large machines that cook food, so that my mother had time to rest and ease her worries. I was a kid then, I am sure people had or even presently have such ideas which would help their mothers. After going through a series of experiences I observed that giving back or making life somewhat easy has more to do with the mental state than the machines we make or the ideas we implement.

To understand this, let us discuss a human. Humans dream of various things, impossible and possible things, have aims. They move in their way, breaking barriers and driving to their world. But what if the barriers cannot be broken due to some reason. It is the most devastating thing for a human. Losing everything they worked for and crave for takes a toll on the mental health. To get out of this, their only choice is to place their hope and have faith on someone who they feel are close to heart and can reach their dreams, unless they are really strong fighters. They strive hard to ensure that everything is fine in the way, they do their best, they do what they know as the best at that point of time. They tend to guide from what they perceive. They don’t expect anything more than reaching the goal and staying safe. This chase in life might look differently from different perspectives but the goal is the same.

By being ignorant or due to lack of interest we lose track, forget to respect and begin to abuse everything done hence proving the sacrifice worthless. Growing this way is totally insignificant and takes a person nowhere. Once we start respecting and loving people who have made some huge sacrifices in life for us, we will understand the hidden pain, anxiety, stress, lonely, helpless, tired and craving person behind the innocent smile and the faint dry cry. I have seen that, by changing a few things in the way we behave and in the way we receive we can work wonders in people’s life. According to me mothers sacrifice the most, so is the title. We can prove that her sacrifice, be it small or big was worthy enough by just working a little harder, speaking to her often and showering love in our own way.